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I can definitely relate as I was in that situation a long time ago as well. Felt like nothing I could do would help. Basically the only thing I pay for are bills, no debt. Everything else just goes into savings. It is possible to have the life you want, but it does take time. I am not clear on how this works. Does this mean that people have to be constantly buying every month? Or else how do you get the credit?

Great questions Tanya.

Everything I have gotten is free, which is nice because their selection rocks! They even have things like pull ups and diapers and those can add up each month, but through this program, you can get them free, which helps your budget! Then, your stuff is free.

Or is it only if they buy something? It was so refreshing reading your article. You remind me so much of myself. I share a lot of your same feelings about everything. Finally, someone I can truly relate to. You inspire me to continue to stay on the path. I would love to be debt free and grow my money like you have.

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I am on the path. I am a SAHM and have 2 kids as well. I am building my income as a freelance writer. So glad I found you! I quit my job Monday to be home with my boys. I homeschool, and home is where my heart is. But I knew this is where God has me. My heart feels content. Thank you so much for being such a blessing, an encouragement, and a hope to single moms who are desiring to make it work so they can be with the most important people in their livesā€¦.

Awww, thank you Sarah. Looking back, it WAS scary, so I can understand. Hold onto the Scripture verse, He who has began a good work in you will complete it! I just discovered epantry and am super excited to get my first order! Thanks for sharing Sarah! Shalom, Hi my name is Sarah as well.

I am going to write your blog down for future use. Its funny how the Lord works. My husband and I actually live on 18, a yr. We do well. But I would like to get out of my debt which is medical and an old school loan. I never wanted to work for the man and when I stopped working yes ago they never tell ya how hard it is to get back into the work field with no job history.

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I have always been interested in blogging and there are books at our local library I could check out for that but I was curious to know whether you can make money blogging? I am completely ignorant. You can make money blogging, yes. I will pray for you as well. Your email address will not be published. First Name Email. My friends have been really impressed with the results of testing Viakal. We all live in hard water areas and struggle to keep the limescale at bay.

They were very pleased to get the discount vouchers too! I think Viakal is brilliant - so far I was very pleased with the results, same with my friends and neighbours. They were also very happy to get the money-off coupons :. Showed my friends what the product can do.

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Given the vouchers to them and they are all impressed and going to use them. I asked somewhere else if you can use it in the toilet but forgot where I put it to look for replies!! I've given most of the vouchers to my neighbours and friends who live locally-I left the vouchers out on my kitchen worktop to start the conversation as my friends would see them, and comment about how clean and shiny my kitchen was looking-they are very impressed with the results and say they will be buying Viakal with their voucher.

Been to my elderly parents today friday coffee morning for family and freinds and took my bottle of Viakal to clean kitchen and utility room sinks and everyone was very impressed with the new product.

Because doesn't everyone love saving money?

I have actually given out all my vouchers now to family and neighbours. My parents persuaded me to leave the bottle with them for a couple of days so they can use it themselves! So although it seems a fantastic product that does actually work on limescale, i could not really afford to buy it without the money off vouchers. Would keep my eye on it for special offers. I will be checking the price of Viakal in Tesco as i pop in at least twice a week, and will be stocking up when they reduce it on offer, as i am really impressed with it.

Gave out some more coupons today for Viakal at a family lunch. Cleaning is always a hot topic amoung the ladies so perfect time to give out some coupons and make a few ladies happy. Everyone likes to get something cheaper. This Viakal stuff really seems to work. We've got quite hard water here, so limescale is a problem. Thank goodness it came with coupons as I've only got half the bottle left and only tried it out once :. I also gave it to my Mum to try, she thinks it's awesome, especially as it doesn't smell too strong : She also got quite excited about the coupons - lets face it, who doesn't.

Love using this product, really works well. Have had to reapply Viakal a few times to hard- to- treat areas, such as my bathroom taps, but on the whole I am very pleased with the results so far. The only drawback to this project is that I wasn't given enough product to demonstrate with as it is so very popular and I have run out!

Showed the product to my firned the other day and used it in her new house. They moved into an older property and cant afford to fit a new bathroom suite just yet.

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So we got to grips with all the lime scale with vikal. Well it worked brilliantly. I gave her one of the vouchers so she could get her own as she loved it that much. Also just installed a new sink in kitcen and i am determined to keep using Viakal on it to keep it nice and shiny. Must say i agree with mdeboh, as just got my bottle back a half hour ago from my parents and its nearly all gone! Not to sound ungratefull but could probably have done with sample bottles to give out to freinds etc, and full bottle for myself as was hoping to use it regularly myself to see if continuous use really kept limescale from building up, which is very important.

Will be buying another bottle at the end of next week when i get paid as i have kept a coupon for myself! Having cleaned the sinks in the ladies at work, I put a note up to say that if anyone wanted a voucher to try it out for themselves they could come and ask me. Well, some asked instantly,then I had a stream of people all afternoon if I had any vouchers left.

I've never been that popular before-they all wanted one! I have given out loads of vouchers to my friends. We all live in a hard water area so limscale is a huge problem, especially round my taps.

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The testing strips have shown very high levels. I've been really impressed with the way viakal works even on these tough areas. I've given out vouchers and testing strips to loads of my friends. We live in a hard water area so limescale is a huge problem. Very disappointed, because I was so impressed with Viakal that I showed so many people and now my sample bottle has run out!

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Great results but you do need to use quite frequently, I think that's because once you have seen your shiny draining board you can't bear it to be covered in watermarks once again. Thanks Viakal. I usually give my bathroom a good clean each week, I am really pleased that Viakal has left my sinks and shower so shiny and sparkling between cleans, very impressed.

I agree that the smell is quite strong though, had to have the window open when using it! Thankfully I have kept two for myself!