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As quickly as possible he was prepared for a laparotomy, and at price imitrex nasal spray 3 p. The intestines were found adherent in several places. The adhesions were separated, and seven ragged perforations of the small intestines were found and closed with fine silk Lembert sutures. A piece of the patient's trousers was found adherent to the intestines, near one buy imitrex injection online of the perforations.

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During the operation the patient's condition became very desperate ; the pulse ran up to The abdominal cavity was repeatedly washed out with normal salt solution, until clean. The small intestines were lifted out of the pelvis, thoroughly cleaned, and all adhesions separated, before putting them back.

The existence of a best price imitrex gen- eral peritonitis was considered to be reason for drainage, so a glass tulje was imitrex available generic form left in the lower part of the incision, and. The patient gradually rallied and recovery was uneventful. On account of patient's condition, no search was made for the bullet.

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The entire operation lasted fifty minutes. The wounds in the intestines were large and very nuich lacerated, which fact was due prob- ably to the deformed shape of the bullet from its im- pact against retail price imitrex -the pelvic bone. Tt had struck near the top of the pubic bone and glanced up into the peritoneal cavity.