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Shop at the store that has the best combination of products you want and deals you can use. Some sales are too good to pass up.

You may have your week of meals planned and your shopping list in hand, but if you see a great deal — say, a pack of chicken thighs on sale instead of chicken breasts — be prepared to adjust. Similarly, you might want to consider switching brands from time to time if it means you save on something like peanut butter, yogurt, or olive oil. Use Instagram to see what sorts of deals other people are getting.

See if you like their posts and only continue to follow the people who feature deals you really do tend to use.

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So be sure to take a look to see if it can inform your next shopping trip! Rebates can often save you more money, but you have to do additional work like sending in a form, for example.

Some coupons only save you a few cents, while others save you dollars. Keep the coupons handy in your wallet or a file holder in your purse, so you have them on hand. Image credit: The Kitchn. Follow your favorite stores. But be prepared to switch. If you do want to keep clipping, Martin said that you can sometimes even use paper coupons combined with most digital offers.

Another quick and easy way to save after your grocery shop is through apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51 and SavingStar. These apps offer cash back options for shoppers when they purchase specific items. Martin suggests simply scanning or snapping photos of the items you purchased while putting groceries away at home. There are also plenty of couponing apps that aggregate deals into one place. In the Southern Savers app, for example, users can search by item to see which store has the best deal in any given region or review recent posts for the best weekly deals.

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With each item, the app also shows you available coupons for further savings. You can also enter each receipt to track how much you've saved through sales and coupons over time — and ultimately decide whether the extra time spent couponing has really paid off for you and your family. Grocery IQ is a grocery list app that is affiliated with Coupons.

I also teach local coupon classes throughout the year.

What is extreme couponing?

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