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I was smoking cigarettes a day.

The Nicotine Carr explains

The first thing I did in the morning was light up. A cigarette would be stuck to my lips all day.

The reason was the body becomes immune to all that nicotine, so you need more and more to get the same effect. I probably also had emphysema. On the morning Allen finally gave up smoking, a coughing fit brought on a nosebleed. I was a pathetic spectacle, blood pouring onto a cigarette that dangled from my lips. Later that evening, he began perusing a medical book with a chapter on the biochemistry of smoking.

Allen says what smokers need to understand is the fallacy behind their habit.

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He says that as nicotine leaves the body, it produces feelings of edginess and insecurity that smokers think can only be assuaged by another cigarette. But rather than producing the feelgood factor that smokers claim, it is actually promoting the opposite. Once smokers have this confidence trick explained to them and accept it, most find it relatively easy to quit. Soon, he was preaching what he practised, teaching his method to smokers in one-to-one sessions. Initially, this was in tandem with his other work he originally trained as a chartered accountant then went into business.

But in he decided to concentrate on Easyway.

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Last year, his clinics worldwide treated 45, smokers. Allen had his first chemotherapy session last Thursday and was up bright and early the next day working on his new book, which traces the web that allegedly connects the nicotine and pharmaceutical industries as well as successive governments and the NHS. We can continue my treatment in Spain, so we may spend time there as well. In his final battle, he is proving he has plenty of courage without the need of a cigarette. No comments have so far been submitted.

Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking

I was not convinced but I agreed to give it a try. I smoked for more than thirty years and I smoked a lot.

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I gave up lots of times then I gave up trying to stop because I thought I was too weak-willed. The seminar was fine, quite comfortable and very positive and friendly but I was still not convinced.

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I had many amazing, happy dreams where I was offered a cigarette and turned it down. As I woke I realised it was not just a dream. I am eternally grateful. I attended the clinic in Birmingham and I smoked around 40 — 45 a day for years until I quit at age I am not telling you this to impress you, but to press upon you that this method does work, and it really does last a lifetime. With investments, your capital is at risk.

Allen Carr EasyWay Clinic £40 off discount (Stop smoking) - Forums

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All it takes is a few minutes to get a quote online. Get a Health quote Get a Life quote. How can I earn Vitality points for giving up smoking?

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  4. Quit smoking with Allen Carr Easyway!
  5. How long is the programme? The stop smoking sessions last approximately hours and are held in groups of up to 20 people. Most people need just one session, but shorter booster sessions are available, free of charge, for the few people that require them. How can I find my nearest clinic?